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Sponsor an Orphan Child

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Where Does My
Sponsorship Go?

The shortest answer is – directly to support the orphan. In practice this is after detailed assessment of needs and the setting of realistic, long-term objectives. Your sponsorship is not about short-term fixes; together we have the lasting welfare of a young life as our primary focus.

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What Will I Receive
as an Orphan Sponsor

The delight at sharing the progress of an individual child. Although perhaps many thousands of miles away, he or she becomes an integral part of your family and you’ll get regular information about them and the opportunity to keep in touch.

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All our orphans are individuals with differing personalities. At heart they’re the same as children everywhere; boisterous, cheeky, fearful and, despite everything, hugely optimistic. Unique children, different traits, same hope: to be loved for as they grow into a future they desperately want to be happy.

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